Batman has Robin. Harry Potter has Hermione . Sherlock has Dr Watson. Shaggy has Scooby-Doo

You’ll find Dr Watson keeping Sherlock on the straight and narrow; Robin next to Batman; Scooby right behind Shaggy. A strong leading man (or woman) is nothing without a quippy, slightly less attractive partner at their side - somebody with an extra bullet or little bit of advice when it’s needed. Which pretty much describes us and our great relationship with accountants. 


Our Breakthrough Partnership programme provides R&D Tax Relief assistance designed especially for Accountants including;
CPD Accredited R&D training at your offices or a nearby venue.
A confidential client audit by sector (to ensure your clients never miss out on a potential claim).
Full support in submitting returns and the defence of any formal HMRC enquiries.

For more information on how we can help your accountancy practice with R&D tax relief - phone Brady on 0800 772 0800 or email her on brady@breakthroughgroup.co.uk