We specialise in three sectors - software development, food and engineering/manufacturing, although we have clients in just about every industry you can imagine.

Breakthrough Funding is an award winning specialist R&D tax relief consultancy. We are not an accountancy practice but instead prepare R&D reports with our accounting partners for them to submit to HMRC. We don't do anything else. Our 20 staff based in Ashford in Kent are passionately dedicated to getting cash for innovative small businesses, helping them grow into great big ones along the way. 

In fact we're such experts we've even written  "The Accountants Guide to R&D Tax Relief" which you can download here, it's easier than trawling through the .gov website.

R&D tax relief is quite simply the single biggest funding mechanism provided by the Government, for organisations investing in innovation. SMEs who are eligible can get between 14.35% and 33.35% on qualifying expenditure (our average is 24%). The scheme is administered by HMRC through the corporation tax system but promoted and supported by DBIS. The scheme is not seen as tax avoidance and both HMRC/DBIS encourage companies to apply.

The team at Breakthrough Funding, assess whether an SME is eligible, write a technical report for HMRC to show how they meet the legislative requirements, then collate all financial information relating to qualifying expenditure.

We specialise in three sectors, although we have clients in just about every industry you can imagine:

1. Software developers in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, wearables, gaming, robotics, IoT, cyber security and big data.

2. Farming and food technology companies in agri, online food ordering, food analytics and smart kitchen appliances or producing ‘free from’ or ‘clean’ food.

3. Engineering/manufacturing firms in fabrication, motorsport, security and defence or producing injection moulding, plastics or metal components.

Since we launched in April 2015 we have successfully completed over 750 claims giving back over £40 million to small businesses across the UK via the R&D scheme – an average of nearly £60,000. We have never had a claim rejected and are proud of our positive relationship with HMRC.  

For more information on how we can help your accountancy practice with R&D tax relief - phone Brady on 0800 772 0800 or email her on brady@breakthroughgroup.co.uk